Re: Fitts's Law, or do you _really_ know how to make a good UI?

Luis García Alanís wrote:
> Yes,
> this is very cool, but I think there should be a control panel option to
> do this also, for all apps.
> I think this is cool, but I think this does not look good on a 1600x1200
> resolution. I would propose that if you 2bl cliked the little bar on the
> left, the  menu would become the NeXT type. What do you guys think about
> this?

As you mention it - has anybody used NeXT-style menus with
focus-follows-pointer ?  Maybe if applications request the
shared menu only after a (e.g. 0.85 sec.) delay it could work ?  I'd
love to use NeXT like menus but I'm using said focus policy in the 
window manager.

Another idea would be to have right-click get the context menu
as usual and Ctrl-right-click get the complete app menu (in
NeXT style with Quit/Exit beeing the last top level item as an option
to display app menus.


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