Question about callbacks and Gnome Appbar

This may be more GTK related, but what I am trying to do is after the
user clicks OK on the GTK FileSelection widget, I am going to popen() a
call to 'wc' to count how many lines are in the file... Since the files
are ~ 500 mb I thought I would have the GtkPRogress on the appbar flash
back and forth in activity mode while this happens. I was going to loop
with select() watching wc for return and updating the GtkProgress. This
is all happening in the callback for the FileSelection's OK Button
click. The only problem is, is that it looks like none of my GTK calls
are getting processed until the callback actually exits. I have taken
out most of my real code and stuck in some sleep()'s and printf()'s. In
this callback, I call gtk_widget_destroy to destroy the FileSelection --
it doesn't actually disappear until my callback exits.  It doesn't
update the GtkProgress either (when I able to see it, if the
FileSelection isn't in the way).  Am I going at this the wrong way or
are there some gtk calls I can make to manually "refresh" the app so
stuff is re-drawn and updated?


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