Re: More GNOME Build Problems

Will Heyman <> writes:
> I wrote earlier for help compiling the CVS version of GNOME.
> Setting the ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /usr/local/share/aclocal" got me through
> compileing the glib, gtk+, ORBit, audiofile, and esound libraries
> Now I am trying to compile gnome-libs. When I ran it
> complained that the ./intl directory could not be found. I created an
> empty intl directory but still get the following.

You need the stable branch, gnome-libs-1-0, not the main branch. Also
for glib and GTK you need glib-1-2 and gtk-1-2.

The stable branch of all this stuff is not materially different from
the released tarballs and RPMs, by the way. :-)


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