Memory Leak when using GnomeDialog


I have a memory leak in my GNOME application that I am having a hard
time tracking down.  I have connected my callback function to a menu
item click, using the GnomeUIInfo structures. For testing purposes, I've
commented out everything but two lines of code in my callback:

dialog = gnome_dialog_new("Create New Report", GNOME_STOCK_BUTTON_OK,

Whenever I click on the menu item, my app sucks up another 4k of memory
(according to top).
I've tried gtk_widget_destroy, and other things on it but I still get
the leak. ccmalloc also reports the leak right at the gnome_dialog_new
line. I plan on reporting this as a bug, but since I am new to GNOME
programming I was wondering if there were any other things I could check
before doing so, since I am usually inclined to think that it is my
sloppy code that has caused a leak somewhere. :)

I have searched the bug database and seen no bug reports related to
this. I am using the SuSE 6.3 GNOME packages, which is the October GNOME
release. (specifically, gnome-core 1.0.54 and gnome-libs 1.0.53)


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