Re: gnome-terminal patch

Alan Shutko wrote:
> Ross Golder <> writes:
> > If I said 'escape sequences' to any of the non-technical users at
> > work, they'd probably assume I was talking about what to do in an
> > emergency!
> Give them a shell script.

Thanks, that's me sorted out. Now, how about everyone else that
downloads GNOME? Couldn't we put this script (all 50 bytes of it) into
the distribution?

Someone else suggested that the window manager be updated instead of
Terminal. This is a good idea, which would allow all window titles to be
changed using a GUI interface. However, a small hook into GNOME-terminal
would be a good fallback until then. I'll try to knock up a patch to

> > BTW, would anyone else find a 'capture to file/printer' feature useful?
> I wouldn't, but it might be useful to support the VT100 printing
> sequences...

That would be nice, too.

The feature I am proposing should be activated/deactivated via some sort
of GUI toggle, and when deactivated, prompt the user for where they
would like the data that has been collected to be saved/printed to
(using GNOME print?).

I've just found out about 'script', which is a god-send. Thanks Colin,
been using Linux for years, but never come across this before! What we
need is a GUI-ified version of script, as a feature of the GNOME



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