Re: Printing library

>  > Probably also:
>  > 
>  > gnome_print_art_pixbuf (GnomePrintContext *, ArtPixBuf *)
>  Yes.  
>  Ideally in the future all printing contexts should support alpha
>  transparency.
>  I am also worried, because I found no references to the alpha channel
>  on the public API of Gnome Print.  I will add it shortly.

Before exporting alpha channel functionality through the API, it may
be wise to actually implement it in the backend first.

For printers to which you send raster data this is not a problem, but
for PostScript printers you have to rasterize the area that has
partial opacity and send it as a bitmap.  Raph had some thoughts on
how to do this efficiently, so that you can use normal PS primitives
for areas that do not require transparency.

This is moderately tricky to do.  I think it is better if it is
implemented in the backend and then in the API when it is done.


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