Re: Printing library

It would be extremely nice to add 2 convenience functions to gnome-print:

gnome_print_vpath (GnomePrintContext *, ArtVpath *);
gnome_print_bpath (GnomePrintContext *, ArtBpath *);

I bet these are implemented in almost every program doing printing canvas
objects and putiing these in library would save them some switch()
statements (35 lines of code in sodipodi).

Probably also:

gnome_print_art_pixbuf (GnomePrintContext *, ArtPixBuf *)

which handles different depths, and removes alpha :-( if print context
cannot handle this.

These should'nt probably be methods, as they are implemented simply as


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > 	  I'm looking for THE way of doing graphic printing in gnome.
> > 	  I'm using the canvas and would like to print it.
> > 	  Is there a way of doing that with the canvas or should I use a library
> > 	  like gnome-print ?
> You need to use the gnome-print library.
> Miguel
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