Re: gnome issues with Tru64

In message <>, Aron Griffis writes:

>(3) It is still necessary to do the following prior to compilation:
>    find . -name Makefile \
>	| xargs perl -0777 -i -pe 's/^INTLLIBS =.*/INTLLIBS = -lintl/m'

This is also true on some Linux systems, e.g. systems not running glibc, and
Solaris systems.

For whatever reason, the glibc people decided to break with tradition and
bundle -lintl into libc.  [Incorporating -lresolv into libc was also kind of
strange, but it happened even before the ELF format came to Linux.]  Not only
is this nonstandard in the UNIX world, but it causes packages developed under
Linux to have portability problems with other UNIX systems.  autoconf should
handle this, but for example the development releases of the GIMP require a lot
of ugly hacks to prevent runtime errors due to missing symbols from -lintl.
And this is another example where all of the developers are running a glibc
Linux system and the autoconf -lintl detection routines are not tested.

I'm not advocating supporting Linux libc 5, but supporting Solaris and Tru64
would be a noble goal.  :)


John GOTTS <>

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