Re: gnome issues with Tru64 writes:

> In message <>, Aron Griffis writes:
> >(3) It is still necessary to do the following prior to compilation:
> >
> >    find . -name Makefile \
> >	| xargs perl -0777 -i -pe 's/^INTLLIBS =.*/INTLLIBS = -lintl/m'
> This is also true on some Linux systems, e.g. systems not running glibc, and
> Solaris systems.
> For whatever reason, the glibc people decided to break with tradition and
> bundle -lintl into libc.  [Incorporating -lresolv into libc was also kind of
> strange, but it happened even before the ELF format came to Linux.]  Not only
> is this nonstandard in the UNIX world, but it causes packages developed under
> Linux to have portability problems with other UNIX systems.

Note that  GNU libc uses gettext() to translate its internal messages.
It would be difficult to make libintl a separate library...

> autoconf should handle this, but for example the development
> releases of the GIMP require a lot of ugly hacks to prevent runtime
> errors due to missing symbols from -lintl.  And this is another
> example where all of the developers are running a glibc Linux system
> and the autoconf -lintl detection routines are not tested.

Well, give us a patch. I'm pretty sure the -lintl stuff does
work properly for GTK+, but I can't really speak for the
rest of GNOME.

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