On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Chris McKillop wrote:

> 	I just started using gdm the other week and I found a feature I
> wanted to add to it and figured that this would be the best way to
> "get into" coding for Gnome.  I put my change into gdm and I contacted
> the author to find out who to send a patch to, but he seems to not be
> replying to email.  Anyone know who is "in charge" of gdm these days?

This is sort of up-in-the-air. Martin has not been seen alive for a long
time, and I haven't heard any rumblings of a release. It may be that
someone else needs to take it over, we'll see.

> 	Oh, my hack is to get the Face Browser to only show faces of
> those people that have provided thier own face (ie: no default faces).  
> It is really handy if you have a lot of people with account but only a
> few of them actually log in via X.


Procedure I would recommend:
1. Send the patch as part of a bug report for gdm.
2. If there are problems getting maintainers to do things like apply
patches and read bug reports, then make noise until things get done. :)

-- Elliot
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