Re: What I need

Hola Jorge!

> Hi all
> What i need to make a gnome client/server financial system (sistema de contabilidade in portuguese)?
> Using postgreSQL, gnome-db, glade, etc.
> what is better c or c++?
> what is more iqual with Delphi?

If you are going to use gnome-db, you should use plain C, or maybe use gnome-- (or gtk--) if you want
to go for C++. (But I suggest you not to ask which is better (C or C++) or you'll start a war. It's
just a matter of taste). If you want database access (as I imagine), gnome-db provides it, but it is
not postgreSQL-specific, so maybe it's better for your project to use the native postgres libs (which
are C and C++). But one thing you may want from gnome-db is the set of widgets it provides for
accessing the database (grids, lists, combos, ...)

The most similar to Delphi is glade, but don't expect it to be a full-featured IDE as Delphi is. With
glade, you'll have to go to the command line to compile, and you'll have to use an external editor for
the source files. It is more a UI designer.


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