Re: What I need

"Jorge" <> el día Thu, 10 Feb 2000 14:39:05 -0200, 

>Hi all
>What i need to make a gnome client/server financial system (sistema de 
contabilidade in portuguese)?
>Using postgreSQL, gnome-db, glade, etc.
>what is better c or c++?
>what is more iqual with Delphi?

the more similar to Delphi should be glade + python (ok, interpreted,
but the languaje is more similar than c or c++), but gnome-db
still has no bindings for that ...

or use FPC (Free Pascal Compiler, =very= similar to delphi, but no IDE)

there are GTK bindings for FPC, and gnome or gnome-db shouldn't be
hard to do (is automated).

but if you want to start now, I think c is the less bad option.


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