Re: world vs. canvas coordinates in comment in gnome-canvas.h

Darin Adler <> writes:
> [ I asked this yesterday on gnome-list. No answer, so I'm moving up the
>   food chain. ]

It's OK to start out with gnome-devel-list for development questions,
gnome-list is basically a user list.
> The comments for the x1, x2, y1, and y2 fields of GnomeCanvasItem say that
> these are in world coordinates. But it seems clear from the actual code that
> they are in canvas coordinates. Should this be corrected in the header file
> or am I missing something?

My book claims they are canvas coordinates so if you find out
otherwise let me know.

The book also includes the header comment, but it didn't used to have
the parenthetical "(in world coordinates)" - I'm sure Bonsai would
tell you who did it. :-)


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