Re: Directory-change notification (was Re: Desktop)

Aaron Lehmann <> writes:

> I see a lot of kernel space discussion going on. By "the kernel", I think
> you mean "the Linux kernel". Please keep in mind that Linux is not the
> only Unixlike OS and not everyone uses it. Last time I checked gnome ran
> on other platforms and I think that is not something which would be good
> to break.

That was one reason that I proposed a userspace daemon that would
talk to the kernel - that design allows a well encapsulated fallback
on systems without kernel support. (Just stat the directory periodically.)

But in general, the way to get features widely adopted is to 
get them in one OS and start using them, rather than to try to 
get everybody to adopt them simultaneously. If Linux has a feature,
its attractive, and people are using it, then *BSD won't be
far behind...


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