Re: Directory-change notification (was Re: Desktop)

> This isn't going to break anything on ohter platforms/os: they simply
> won't have the extra features. Of course, we can always ask who's
> developing the kernel we are using to include something into the kernel to
> help up adding the extra features. These kernel feature requests,
> moreover, are not GNOME-specific.

Has anybody actually tried mailing the kernel developers at Sun,IBM,and
HP?  With the current push to use Linux at least two of these companies
you would think they would be open to change some of the behaviors.  Or
barring that propose it as a POSIX standard.

> Please note that this is not Linux-specific. I believe that developers are
> ready to accept patches for any platform/os. If Linux will have more extra
> featues than os Y, it's only beacuse Linux will offer more features to the
> developer than the os Y. The viceversa is also ok.

Still, you don't really want GNOME to act differently internally on one OS
and another.  It would be a support confusion.  If you do, you should put
out a caveat document or something for each OS so that people understand
that there are differences running GNOME on one OS over another.


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