Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome

"Sarel J. Botha" <> writes: 
> The problem really isn't so big as it sounds. All that needs to be done is
> for some to write a libglade for KDE which generates QT widgets instead of
> GTK. Then the SO guys just use .glade files for all their GUI stuff. I know
> there are some issues with this, like some widgets that don't exist in
> KDE and vice versa, but I believe this can work pretty well.

It is extremely technically infeasible. Make yourself a moderately
complex dialog in Glade, write code for the dialog, then try to write
the Qt by hand that will "just plug in" - I bet you can't do it.
The widgets aren't the same, they don't have the same signals or
behave the same way. libglade does not eliminate interaction with the
widgets. Also the glade files are very GTK-specific. The only way to
do this would be to write a toolkit abstraction and have a special
type of glade file that described your abstraction. But no one is
going to use a portability layer _on the same platform_ because they
won't see any advantage.


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