Tasklist vs. gnome pager behavior

Is there a way to make the tasklist applet behave the same way as 
gnome-pager did? 

In gnome-pager I was able to click on a non-iconified task and the 
window manager would switch to the desktop or viewport where the window 
resided and bring it into focus. It looks like tasklist does not support 
switching desktops because it does work as long as the task is iconfied 
or residing in the same desktop. I am using sawmill if that makes a 

Another nice feature of gnome-pager was that you could double click 
mouse 2 on a task in the tasklist and the window iconify and de-iconify 
in the current desktop. Tasklist will only iconify a window if it's in 
the current desktop. It does work however if you click on mouse 3 and 
select iconify but that's not as easy. 

And lastly, I have seen messages talking about the mini-icons showing up 
in tasklist but I have not seen this work. 


Dave Lounsberry

EMAIL: dlounsberry@kc.rr.com
HomePage: http://home.kc.rr.com/dlounsberry

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