Re: More GnomeCanvasWidget mouse problems

>  0) I have a GnomeCanvasWidget that tracks the mouse. If you press the
>  mouse button while the cursor is on it, it will recieve motion
>  notification events until the cursor leaves the widget. While the curser
>  is over the canvas, it will not recieve any mouse events at all. But, if I
>  move the mouse cursor a little farther so that it is over the root window
>  or another application, the widget starts recieving events again! I find
>  this behavior inconsistant and I am wondering what I can do about it.

You need to grab the mouse when you get a button press.  Then you
should ungrab it when you get a button release.

>  1) If I attach a signal handler to the "event" handler of a
>  gnomecanvaswidget, neither the widget nor the canvas item ever recieves
>  putton press or button release events. This does not happen with a
>  GnomeCanvasRect, so i assume it is specific to GnomeCanvasWidget. Any
>  ideas? This is a big problem for what I am trying to do.

Remember that the GnomeCanvasWidget item is just a wrapper to put
Gtk widgets inside a canvas.  It cannot "steal" the events that a
widget gets and proxy them over to you via the GnomeCanvasItem::event
signal.  You should connect to your wrapped widget's signals if you
want to process events from it.


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