More GnomeCanvasWidget mouse problems

Here are a few questions about the GnomeCanvasWidget item:

0) I have a GnomeCanvasWidget that tracks the mouse. If you press the
mouse button while the cursor is on it, it will recieve motion
notification events until the cursor leaves the widget. While the curser
is over the canvas, it will not recieve any mouse events at all. But, if I
move the mouse cursor a little farther so that it is over the root window
or another application, the widget starts recieving events again! I find
this behavior inconsistant and I am wondering what I can do about it.

1) If I attach a signal handler to the "event" handler of a
gnomecanvaswidget, neither the widget nor the canvas item ever recieves
putton press or button release events. This does not happen with a
GnomeCanvasRect, so i assume it is specific to GnomeCanvasWidget. Any
ideas? This is a big problem for what I am trying to do.

Gnome-libs is 1.0.55 IIRC, and GTK+ is 1.2.6.

Aaron Lehmann

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