Newbie question, Imlib not compiling


I'm testing the waters for gnome development and have downloaded the
cvs source. I have gotten glib, gtk and gnome-lib to compile but when
I try to compile Imlib I'm getting errors. An undefined variable is being
referenced in misc.c line 77. Two possiblities occur to me

1) These are real errors in Imlib that haven't been fixed yet. In which case
someone tell me what version to use for development that does compile.

2) I haven't installed the dependant libraries (glib, gtk etc) correctly and
undefined variable is a new global or otherwise sould work. If this is the
what should I do to see what version of gtk etc I'm compiling against.

NOTE: I have followed the FAQ and some other web pages for HOW-TO so I
have the other libraries installed corrected into opt/gnomeb and the source
in /usr/src/gnomecvs.

TIA   Don P.

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