Multiple inheritance for 1.2 and other questions

Title: Multiple inheritance for 1.2 and other questions


Maybe this has been dealt with in which case sorry but have been away for a while.

Is multiple inheritance going to make it into gnome 1.2. Will I be able to do:

class MyClass(GnomeApp, GtkPlug)

as an example (in python of course).

And will it make its way soon to gnome-python (this part is for pygtk list)?

Also, is there a way one can theme a page in an MDI in notebook but also in top-level mode differently from the main app so that different pages look really different? But mainly how to do it once app is loaded? Another way is: can I once all windows are loaded say: change the damned theme of one subwindow into something else?

What is set_app_paintable for? I put it to try it but then things like clocks got really weird as they were not refreshed enough and readin them became impossible.

Hassan Aurag

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