gnome-libs 1.1.0 "Big Ugly Momma"

I made a test release, unlike any other, of the wonderful marvelous thing
you don't need, gnome-libs HEAD.

It is unlike any other because:
	1. It is intended to not build if you follow standard
	compilation procedures.
	2. If you try to build any applications against it, they'll
	probably not compile.
	3. If you ask gnome-list or #gnome or any other public forum how
	to build or use it, a big ugly momma gnome will come out of her
	hiding place and devour your hard drive.

Get it at

In case the above commentary hasn't made it clear, this is an UNSTABLE
contribute to development, but that's all it is intended for, not usage.

Lots of changes in there, which I'm sure the ChangeLog can do a better job
of describing than I.

Share & enjoy,
-- Elliot
Red Hat, a Red Hat company

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