Re: Anyone building a project-scheduler?

Michael Davies <> writes:


> Just wanted to check to make sure no-one else is already doing this, but
> I'm interested in developing a project scheduling tool, a la one similar
> to the folks in Redmond.
> I checked the GNOME software map, the GNU projects page (and even the
> KDE folks) and there doesn't seem to be any active development on
> anything like it.  So... if no-one is doing something like that already,
> I might start :-)  'gProject' is born! :-)
> If you are doing something like this, then let me know - there's no
> point duplicating!

I'm the author of yank [1] a personal notekeeping tool which seems to
be used sometimes like planning software since it generates todo-lists
from some notes. Currently I'm thinking about supporting projects but
there's nothing ready yet.

Other similar software can be found at [2].

> Thanks in advance,


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