Re: Anyone building a project-scheduler?

Michael Hussmann wrote:
> I'm the author of yank [1] a personal notekeeping tool which seems to
> be used sometimes like planning software since it generates todo-lists
> from some notes. Currently I'm thinking about supporting projects but
> there's nothing ready yet.


> [1]

Hi Michael,

Thanks for replying and suggesting your project.  

My ideas for development are currently more aligned with a
project-scheduling tool with sub-tasks, gantt/pert charts, resource
graphs, SQL database backends, CORBA integration with Evolution :-) ie a
superset of MS Project/Open Plan/Primavera etc.

And I've already hooked up with Tom Gilbert on 'pragmatist' :-)

So sorry, but good luck for your project as well!

Michael Davies                    \  Avoid the Win2k problem -              \  Run Linux! See   \

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