Re: GnomeAbout's themeability

ERDI Gergo <> writes:
> I've heard plans about MegaTheme, a meta-theme for GNOME (that is,
> libgnomeui, but all the regular users think gnome == libgnomeui (believe
> me, I encounter this every day)). Would it make sense to make GnomeAbout
> use GConf to read layout values and color settings from a GConf data
> source? It would be really easy (I've made a test version, see
> for a screenshot), since the
> last time I messed with GnomeAbout, I've cleaned up all the hardcoded
> layout values and changed them to CPP macros.
> Is there a need for this, or am I again looking for a problem which I
> already has the solution for?

I would say we won't take this gnome-libs patch.

Color settings are already set via gtkrc, and settings for GnomeAbout
can already be included in any GTK theme. It's just that most (or all)
of them don't do it.

For padding, I don't think we want to allow people to set individual
paddings; it's just too complex. However some sort of global padding
setting might be OK.


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