Re: Anyone building a project-scheduler?

> Just wanted to check to make sure no-one else is already doing this, but
> I'm interested in developing a project scheduling tool, a la one similar
> to the folks in Redmond.

Hmm..if I recall there is a company that is writing a "Exchange" clone.
It looks a lot like the gnome calendar nearly identical.  However this
thing can talk to Exchange servers and is compatible with outlook.  They
do plan on opening the source.  The proram is called "Trademail", you can
look it up in freshmeat.  I"ve forgotten the name of the company

It might be good to have one without dependence on a company though. :)

> anything like it.  So... if no-one is doing something like that already,
> I might start :-)  'gProject' is born! :-)

Go for it! :-)\


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