Gnome Libs 1.0.56 has been released

Hello guys,

   The GNOME libraries 1.0.56 have been released.

* What is new on this release

   * UI

	* Reduce chubbiness in gnome-stock icons (Anders)

   * Zvt

	* Should handle lastlog (Timur) and provides better
	  granularity for the logging of the user (Timur).

	* Memory leak fix (on color set) (Michael Zucchi)

	* Includes resize and color setting fixes (Michael Zuchhi). 

	* Handles DA2/DA correctly. 

   * Mime database

	* Cleaned up the gnome.mime file (Iain)

	* Added recognition for special files (COPYING, Makefile,

   * Canvas

	* Should clip correctly the micro-tile arrays, which result in
	  a big performance win for canvas applications (Gnumeric for
	  example) and should speed up various tasks that were pretty
	  slow before (like the marching ants in gnumeric).  Michael
	  Meeks and Federico fixed this one.

	* Rusty found and fixed a problem with the line canvas items
	  when used in arrow-mode (to pull values back).

	* Fixes bug on focus change that was not dispatched (Chris

	* Canvas key tests the proper window for "ownership"

   * Bug fixes

	* SuSE bug fixes (Jacob)

	* Should compile on more BSD 4.4 systems

	* Gnome-Dentry-Launch will try to launch gnome-terminal instead of xterm first.

	* Added more stock strings to be translated (the same strings
	  we have for stock entries, but without the accelerators).
	  Should fix Kjartan's long standing problems with "Settings"
	  in gnome-terminal (another patch should be available anyways
	  in Gnome-terminal).

	* Calculator should not segfault anymore (George Lebl)

	* Gnome Font Picker small buglette fixed (Rusty)

	* Calculator supports precedence (Adam Foran)


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