GUADEC: you may want to register.

X-Gnus-Article-Number: 419   Wed Feb 23 04:46:23 2000


I am sorry to do this BIG crosspost and I apologize in advance to
all those who are being pissed off by it. Please, this is for a
_good_ cause so, don't flame me (>/dev/null). Thank you.

We have just noticed that due to some problems to the configuration 
of our server (, most registrations have 
not been done properly. We do apologize for this. If any of you around
did register, please, try to register again. We are in the process
of replying now.
The above registration was for the "enterprise day" which is on
thursday and costs 300 FRF.

We have also just setup a registration process for the hackers/
curious people wanting to meet all the GNOME hackers on the other 
days. If you are planning to attend this this part of the event, please,
register there:
This process is by no means necessary for you to attend the event.
It is merely a convenient way for us to evaluate the number of
people who will show up.

Once more, I apologize for the inconveniance and I thank you for your


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