Re: gnome-libs-1.0.56 problem

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> What operating system are you running which shows this gnome-termianl
> problem?  it works just fine here.
> Miguel.
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I have a Mandrake7.0 machine.  I had gnome-core-1.1.3 installed and the
gnome-libs that can with Mandrake (1.0.53 or so I believe), and all I know is
that after I installed gnome-libs-1.0.56, my gnome-terminal just doesn't seem
to finish loading up (as I said, the window is created, a blank menubar
across the top is made, but no options, and no actual terminal-widget is
visible, and the close-window button has no effect.  Even if I kill the
window, I still have to slaughter the process and it's child,
gnome-pty-helper, with gtop.  If I run it from an e-term (i run Sawmill, by
the way), I get no error messages.

Sean Middleditch

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