Well I am writing a multi purpose and tool mathematical thing for 
gnome and at some point I will have to do 3D as you might have 

On the other hand I know Dr Genius and maybe Guppi have 3D plots so 
you might look there at what they use.

I think the best way would be to have GLGnomeCanvas3D exactly like we 
have GnomeCanvas for 2D with all the bells and whistles. Having this 
mind I think some kind of OpenGL  would be the natural thing to do for 
this 3D canvas as OpenGL will probably be the Linux DirectX thinggy 
(there is also SDL? from someone at Loki). And with respect to this, I 
know someone has a GtkGlArea widget that is supposed to be an OpenGL 
thing, so maybe you should check what those people have done.
Someone also told me Miguel? Is working on a 3D canvas so maybe you 
should check that too.

Sadly, I cannot help as I know nothing of 3D graphics low-level or 
even high-level programming. But since we are talking 3D, I think the 
best way to start would be with a very basic OpenGL/Mesa/SDL 3D canvas 
widget and add stuff as 3D for Linux becomes clearer.

I hope this helps, but it case it doesn't I'd like to express my 
biggest desire to this happen in libgnomeui and be able to use a 
full-fledged GLGnomeCanvas3D   

H. Aurag

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