RE: EFS and gnome/kde (was Re: Request: Test suite for EFS.)

> I just mean it as in "dont comment if you're not knowledgeable about the 
> topic" (i.e. EFS or tar) - I'm sure the people who have hacked on EFS and 
> tar have more knowledge than you or I.

Obviousely. I didn't know that EFS was a real dynamic filesystem. :)
However, it was still a question, not a demand!

> > And I do have rights to ask questions about an open project, whithout
> > told to shut up, or am I wrong?
> Yes - but asking questions that have /just/ been awnsered will not get a 
> response from the usual people. I've just been /browsing/ the thread 
> lightly and your question was /just/ discussed and awnsered.

I cannot find it.
I have a lot of mails in gnome-devel from the last week, but none of them
does even mention EFS and tar.
( well, until today. )

I have not been able to find *anything* that explains that EFS is a real
filesystem, so I believed that EFS was just another flat format.
Actually, the reason why I was interested in the thread, was because I could
not find out whether or not EFS was a true filesystem, or a flat format, and
this puzzeld me.

Could you please tell me when and where this matter was discussed, in case
my mail have been eaten by something...

// Liss

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