On Thursday, February 24, 2000, Lauris Kaplinski <> wrote:
> In any means, I would be glad to hear about other people's opinion about
> the subject:
> - are there any developers, concerned with the same problems?

Not at the moment, but down the road, I would like to add 3D support for
my online gaming client, Anvil.  It's currently using the GnomeCanvas.

> - should there be semi-standard Gnome3D API, or should everyone use
>   whatever library he/she finds most suitable?

This is wide open, and would really depend on how/where we want to
implement 3D support in GNOME.

> - is anybody interested in/considered developing 3D library for Gnome?

I might be interested in assisting such an effort, but like I said, it's
a pretty low priority for me right now.



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