Re: Gnome Dialog redrawing

Mike Kestner wrote:
> I'm trying to replace a pixmap that is packed into an hbox after a dialog is
> already visible.  I  pack the original GnomePixmap in with pack_start prior
> to calling gnome_dialog_run, but doing the same operation on the new pixmap
> after run doesn't produce a visible pixmap.  I suspect I've got to tell the
> dialog to redraw itself after the new pixmap is packed in, but I'm having
> difficulty determining how to do that.  I've tried showing the dialog again,
> but that didn't help.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> Mike
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it might help to pack all pixmaps into the gnome dialog, and show/hide
them as needed; i wrote a small animation viewer using the same
paradigm: i pack around 40 pixmaps into an hbox and instead of
packing/removing frames i just show/hide them as the animation gets
viewed. drop me a line if you'e interested in the code as i'm too lazy
to upload a .tar.gz right now ;)


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