Problem with menu hints and accelerator keys


I don't really know if this is a bug, if this is pygnome specific or 
me just being dumb!

Anyway, I have a GnomeApp filled with a huge box containing a zvt and 
other nifty things.

Second, I added menus toolbar and a GnomeAppBar

Now after all is created, I try to install_menu_hints and it fails and 
even crashes actually and pop up that lovely "Please go to Gnome Crash 
Page" or such!

Btw, I install_menu_hints AFTER creating menus and doing setting 

My next problem is that none of the accelerator keys that appear by 
default (I have done nothing to show them) work! Do I need to connect 
to them bad un's or something?

Thanks in advance!

H. Aurag

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