Patches accepted?


Sometimes it almost seems like a throw away line. Someone lobbys for a
feature or change and the response is "patches accepted". But how does one
submit patches?

I actually believed that patches *are* being accepted -- but I'm 0 for 3 at
getting anything accepted, or as far as I can tell, considered.

I've tried emailing the author (dnd additions to gnome_icon_list) who
acknowledged their receipt and that was all.

I've tried setting up a web site with the patches and emailing the list
(fixes for FORM elements in GtkXmHtml).

Most recently I've emailed this list with the patches (mini-icons from
.desktop files for task-list applet). This one did get a somewhat defensive
response from someone that the applet is going to be replaced by one that
does the right thing -- someday.

It's possible my code sucks and shouldn't be included but it would be nice
to at least get a flame making fun of it (or <gasp> constructive comments).

If there is an approved way of submitting a patch -- please give me a
reference and I'll RTFM. Otherwise you might consider setting up such a
procedure -- or stop soliciting patches and ignoring them.

Sam Solon

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