Re: Patches accepted?

Hi Samuel,

The best way to submit patches is via a bug report on 
We still can't guarantee a _fast_ response, but at least you can 
be sure the patch won't get lost/forgotten. Many of the bugs are very
old but we have periodic great-bug-purges like in October and then 
all of them are duly considered.

Also, a good way to get immediate feedback is to go on #gnome on; admittedly not everyone has the time or net connection
to do that, but it's a good way if it works for you.

It's just that GTK+/GNOME is massively understaffed, we have hundreds
of occasional developers and maybe 15-20 core developers on the key
modules. Really keeping up with all patches, bug reports, outside
interest, and questions is more or less a full time 40-hour-a-week job
_per module_, unfortunately. And we also have to have time to move
large future features forward.


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