Re: gnome-icon-list dead? (was: Re: Patches accepted?)

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Jens Finke wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Elliot Lee wrote:
> > gnome-icon-list is dead, so patches for it are probably not a good idea.
> > :)
> I'm currently writing an app which uses gnome-icon-list. Are there already
> alternatives to this or must I wait until GNOME 2.0? What is considered to
> be the replacement?

No firm replacement yet. For application authors who are writing apps
against gnome-libs 1.0.x, using gnome-icon-list is fine (insert buzzwords
about enterprise scalability upgrade path). It's just that a patch for
adding a new feature to something that is deprecated in the unstable tree
is probably not going to be accepted. ;-)

-- Elliot
"You can divide our industry into two kinds of people: those who want to
go work for a company to make it successful, and those who want to go work
for a successful company." -jwz

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