Re: GtkArg typesafety

George <> writes: 
> #define MY_PERSON_ARG_NAME(arg)    	"name",(gpointer)(arg)
> #define MY_PERSON_GET_ARG_NAME(arg)	"name",(gpointer *)(arg)
> #define MY_PERSON_ARG_DOB(arg)    	"dob",(glong)(arg)
> #define MY_PERSON_GET_ARG_DOB(arg)	"dob",(glong *)(arg)
> #define MY_PERSON_ARG_DOD(arg)    	"dod",(glong)(arg)
> #define MY_PERSON_GET_ARG_DOD(arg)	"dod",(glong *)(arg)

IMO this is much extra complexity for very little gain (it avoids the
"0" is not a double problem, but that's all really; it doesn't solve
the problem of passing entirely the wrong type or getting const-ness
wrong). And it ruins the nice syntax which is 85% of the point of


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