Re: Patches accepted?

> Sometimes it almost seems like a throw away line. Someone lobbys for a
> feature or change and the response is "patches accepted". But how does one
> submit patches?

Usually you contact the maintainer for a package (look at the about
box in the application, or look at the MAINTAINERS or AUTHORS files in
each module).

You can also send the patches to the bug tracking system.

> I've tried emailing the author (dnd additions to gnome_icon_list) who
> acknowledged their receipt and that was all.

Oh?  That would be me and Federico, and I do not remember seeing this.

> I've tried setting up a web site with the patches and emailing the list
> (fixes for FORM elements in GtkXmHtml).

Send those to, or

> Most recently I've emailed this list with the patches (mini-icons from
> .desktop files for task-list applet). This one did get a somewhat defensive
> response from someone that the applet is going to be replaced by one that
> does the right thing -- someday.

I do not remember seeing these ones myself.


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