Re: Patches accepted?

>  I've tried emailing the author (dnd additions to gnome_icon_list) who
>  acknowledged their receipt and that was all.

Guilty as charged.  I just resurrected your patch from my mail archive
and read through it.

The patch is actually pretty good.  It was not applied because we came
up with a DnD method for the Midnight Commander and the icon list in
an ad-hoc sort of way.

However, I am not sure applying the patch right now to the icon list
is a good idea.  GnomeIconList is being dropped in favor of something
better.  That something may be the GnomeIconView that I am writing in
the eog module on CVS; it is not finished yet because I am working on
the Evolution calendaring stuff right now.

I will certainly take another look at your patch when I have to
implement DnD for GnomeIconView.

>  If there is an approved way of submitting a patch -- please give me a
>  reference and I'll RTFM. Otherwise you might consider setting up such a
>  procedure -- or stop soliciting patches and ignoring them.

The best way is to log a patch along with a bug report in  From time to time we go through the bug tracker to
fix and close bugs, so we would pick up the patch there.

Your contributions are definitely appreciated!


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