Re: Grun...which version? writes: 
>   Would it be possible to replace the old grun with the Grun at:

Not looking at the code, it needs a bit more GNOME integration:
 - the "dual launching mechanism" is already used by 
   the functions in libgnome/gnome-exec.h, should use those
 - deciding whether an app is a console app should be at least 
   aware of the settings in .desktop files; we don't want this
   info in two places
 - associating files with applications should use the gnome 
   MIME magic stuff, not a custom file

If those facilities aren't good enough we can change them in a future
gnome-libs but it needs to be standard across gnome. In particular
having to set up MIME types in two places imposes a big burden on
users or app authors.

Probably replacing grun and/or gnome-run is fine though. Of course
you'd have to talk to the authors of this app and see if they want to
do it.


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