Re: Grun...which version?

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000 wrote:

>   Is the Grun that is in the Freshmeat database by the same author
> as the grun that comes with gnome-utils? From looking at GNOME CVS they
> appear to be two different packages.


>   Would it be possible to replace the old grun with the Grun at:
>   That package has a lot more functionality than the grun that currently
> ships with gnome-utils.

Well, the point of the 'grun' in gnome-utils was to have a very minimal
"run this command" interface. The 'grun' you are pointing to is
implementing a lot of the functionality of a shell, a file manager, etc. -
you might as well just pop up a terminal window. :-)

Note that gnome-run is also in gnome-utils and has a slightly more
user-friendly interface than the grun in gnome-utils. Also note that in
gnome-core HEAD, the equivalent of gnome-run is integrated directly into
the panel.

-- Elliot
"You can divide our industry into two kinds of people: those who want to
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