Re: Retrieving the CVS trees from behind a firewall

Aron Griffis <> writes: 
> (1) How can I use CVS from behind a firewall?  Is it possible through
>     an http proxy (which is the only connection from here to the
>     world)?  I've spent a while reading CVS documentation but haven't
>     found mention of what to do in this case.

I can't answer this one...

> (2) What packages should I work on first?  CVS gnome-libs seems to be
>     broken even on Linux, and there are some packages duplicated in
>     the trees.  For example libart_lgpl and gdk-pixbuf both are in
>     gnome-libs and have trees of their own.

gnome-libs HEAD is indeed kind of screwed up... it's not really ready
for porting, if you want to mess with it you'd have to be prepared to
fix other things. The fate of gdk-pixbuf and libart_lgpl as separate
packages or not is a bit unclear at this point.

I would recommend porting the stable version (get gnome-libs-1-0 from
CVS) and then we will merge necessary changes to the HEAD version. 
When HEAD is closer to release, you can check and see if additional 
changes are needed. HEAD is not going to be changed all that much.

> (3) Gtk+-1.2.x works here.  Should I get the head code for Gtk+, or
>     just leave it alone and worry about the others?  That is to ask,
>     is 1.2.x sufficient for other packages to compile?

HEAD gnome-libs uses Gtk 1.2, and is likely to still use 1.2 at
release time, so yeah, I'd stick to 1.2.


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