Re: A Super Text Widget Thingy

Bjorn Andersson wrote:
> I have thought about this too, and I think it would be very useful. I
> also support the idea of writing it from scratch. Then instead of using
> only eg. elisp as the extension language, it should provide some kind
> of plug-in mechanism that would allow extensions to written in any
> language. (I, for instance, would prefer writing extensions in python).

I'd personally prefer if one adequate scripting language 
were chosen, and all customizations were handled in that
language.  Providing a generic scripting language plug-in 
is a *lot* of extra overhead for a small increase in 
functionality.  (X)emacs is the only thing I use lisp for, 
but I can follow a few example customization files, and 
cut and paste what I need, without *reallY* understanding 
the details of lisp programming.  

> The whole thing should probably be implemented as a bonobo component.

Ideally, I think the user would be able to pick which 
editor component style would be used for their mega-edit 
widgets (emacs, vi, pico, nedit, etc.).  Here is where 
you'd be able to customize your extensions accordingly.

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