Re: Q Change a Gnome Widget

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> I don't think this is worth making user-configurable, though we would
> be happy to consider replacing the current GnomeCalculator widget (or
> any widget) if yours is API-compatible and nicer. Maybe mail your
> widget to the list for people to look at.
Hmm, maybe I promised to much. All I have now is a very small GTK+ Applikation
that pops up a window similar to this one:

        |10+10*10                  |
        |                          |
        |                          |
        |                          |
        |Close|110                 |

where the widget containing the formular is an GtkText, "Close" is an button 
with obvious meaning and the third Widget is an GtkEntry containing the 
result. The formular parser uses GScanner to reduce footprint, the whole
executable is now about 22k taht includes all libs that glade thought might
be necassery.

So much about functionality. Since it is (at least now) a App and not a widget,
it is not compatible with any API ...

Is the some interest for this? Or do you all like those button loaded 

Andreas Sliwka   | | ICQ goff:13961062

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