GOB (GTK+ object builder) 0.92.1 released

What is GOB:

Very simple preprocessor for making GTK+ objects with inline C code so that
generated files are not editted.  Syntax is inspired by java and yacc or lex.
The implementation is intentionaly kept simple, and no C code parsing is

What's new in 0.92.1:

	* typesafe macros for argument setting/getting
	* generated code will take advantage of GNU C extentions if compiled
	  under GNU C
	* move _priv structure freeing into finalize
	* more gob file compilation checks
	* other improvements and fixes

	NOTE: The generated files with this version will be larger because
	of some more preprocessor magic that is done to make the thing saner,
	and faster.  Don't worry about it as the resulting object file should
	not get larger.

Where to get it:

	* http://www.5z.com/jirka/gob.html
	* ftp://ftp.5z.com/pub/gob/ (tarballs and src and alpha rpms)


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