Re: Q: Change a Gnome Widget

Kent Schumacher wrote:

> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > Andreas Sliwka <> writes:
> > > Hi, Id like to exchange the standard GnomeCalculator (wich I
> > > personally detest) with an Widget I wrote myself. Since there
> > > certainly/maybe are people who will like the original one more than
> > > mine, Id like to let the user choose wich one he/she wants to
> > > use. Is there a standard way to do this or do I have to patch the
> > > source myself?
> > >
> >
> > I don't think this is worth making user-configurable, though we would
> > be happy to consider replacing the current GnomeCalculator widget (or
> > any widget) if yours is API-compatible and nicer. Maybe mail your
> > widget to the list for people to look at.
> >
> > Havoc
> >
> I tend to disagree.  On the apps I'm writing I allow a calculator widget
> (not GnomeCalculator, but that will change soon) to optionally pop up
> on any numeric input field.  I have had requests for both RPN and
> AOS style calculators (RPN seems to be preferred by engineering types).
> I think any complex widget should be user selectable - either by an rc
> file or via a bonobo(?) component interface.
> I too would like to have Andreas question answered - Is there a standard
> way to do this?
> (Whoops, that sounds a little too demanding - I'm asking that nicely as
> in - I am hoping someone knows something I don't and can provide me
> with a bit of information).
> Thanks!
> Kent

I did a stupid newbie trick and sent the preceding (Kent) reply directly
to Havoc rather than posting to the list - my apologies to Havoc and
my thanks for the following civil response:

Havoc Pennington patiently replied:

--In GNOME 1.0 you'd add a setting to gnome-preferences.h; in GNOME 2.0
--you'd add a GConf setting. Then gnome_calculator_new() would have to
--return a different-behaving widget based on those settings.


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