Re: Q Change a Gnome Widget

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Kent Schumacher wrote:

> > I believe that the original idea was that someone was writing a quicken type
> > thingie and said that this would be a very useful widget.  So I did it.  I
> > think that quicken type thingie never got realized but the calculator widget
> > stuck.  So it's whole purpose in life was some sort of "money" entry kind of
> > thing.
> I'm writing order entry programs using gtk and I make a calculator available
> in all the numeric data entry fields.   The calculator I use has a little side panel
> that has buttons which insert constants applicable to the current numeric entry
> field.   In other words it looks something like this.

We should just rip the calculator out of libgnomeui altogether - it is too
specialized and high-level to contribute anything but bloat. I think a
better place might be the Gtk extras collection.

-- Elliot
"You can divide our industry into two kinds of people: those who want to
go work for a company to make it successful, and those who want to go work
for a successful company." -jwz

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