Re: glib+orbit writes:
> I am trying to get a g_timeout to work with orbit. I have looked through
> the gconf code, and kinda figured out to do it, but it seems very genaric.
> why is this code not in orbit itself?

What do you mean get a g_timeout to work with ORBit? The timeout has
nothing to do with ORBit.
> also, a GMainLoop question.
> in gconfd, the global var main_loops is defined. Why does it exist? I
> spent the last few hours trying to figure out how GMainLoop works (there
> is like no dox on it), and it looks like there can only ever be one main
> loop, so why does main_loops exist? (or was this code copied out of gtk,
> the only other place I could find it?)

The main_loop object only exists so you can specify which one to
quit. A common problem in GTK programming is that you have a modal
dialog with a recursive main loop; you want to be sure you quit the
secondary loop and not the original loop.


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