Re: autoconnecting signals with libglade & PyGTK?

Jason Tackaberry <> writes:
> I have been learning Python over the past few weeks, so I am by no means an
> expert.  My hope is to write a series of articles for, one of
> which I would like to demonstrate RAD in Gnome using PyGTK.

Nice idea! (BTW there was a short article about this somehwere, it's
in archives)
> With libglade (in C) there is a function to autoconnect signals.  There
> doesn't seem to be any explicit function to do this with PyGTK, but, near as
> I can tell, this functionality is supposed to happen automatically.

You might yank Eider out of CVS (cvs co eider) and look at the code
(it's a big pain to actually compile though).

Here's an example from

       def __init__(self):
                xml =
lade"), "project-window")
                xml.signal_autoconnect (
                        { "on_open_project_activate" : self.open_project_cb,
                          "on_exit_activate" : self.exit_cb,
                          "on_about_activate" : self.about_cb,
                          "on_new_project_activate" : self.new_cb,
                          "on_compile_activate" : self.compile_cb,
                          "on_api_reference_activate" : self.apiref_cb,
                          "on_configure_activate" : self.configure_cb,
                          "on_autogen_activate" : self.autogen_cb,
                          "on_full_build_activate" : self.full_build_cb,
                          "on_project_properties_activate" : self.project_properties_cb })

i.e. you pass in a dictionary mapping the Glade callback name to a 
function to call. 


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